attention all K-MART shoppers…i mean attention all  WALMART owners…

DEAR WALTON FAMILY…with an  estimated family fortune of 60+ BILLION dollars i propose the following…

#1. take 1-2 % equalling 1.2 billion dollars…put it in a secured foundation trust to provide insurance for all your employees…NO third party involvemant..this is start-up cost..

#2. total non-profit..with about 5% administative costs similar to medicare and KAISER

#3. ALL physicians salaried..all costs internal..no “gouging” by drug companies, hospitals, pharmacies…

#4. a governing board set up by both patients and doctors to determine HEALTH CARE VALUE of services….not rationing but RATIONAL.

with a large starting base and leverage power against third party parasites, this could get off the ground and become a model of AMERICAN healthcare..it would take a while to iron out “problems” but an entity completely independent of government and insurance meddling would be fascinating!!!!!


About tjgmd99

physician, opinionated, know-it-all, likes dogs, classical music, classic films, literature and languages
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