if it looks/sounds like SCABIES…it is SCABIES

hand and wrist

typical history..intense itching…worse at night..possible exposure other family/friends with same..look for crusts, excoriations and NS lesions especially in the umbilical, wrist and genital areas..classic “burrows” and “web space” involvement are rare..you can do a scraping to confim the diagnosis..TX–single dose ivermectin (if available) or permithin cream application QHS..repeat in one week..i often give patients 4-8 mg of dexamethazone IM to relieve the itching which can persist for two weeks..i have seen too many patients (both young and old) with symptom for 2-3 months being treated with anti-histamines and topical steroids to no avail!!!


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2 Responses to if it looks/sounds like SCABIES…it is SCABIES

  1. Elva Marcott says:

    Scabies can lead to a secondary infection if it is not treated properly. –

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  2. Major Setlock says:

    Antihistamines are most commonly used to control the symptoms of allergies such as hay fever.In these conditions they work by preventing the actions of histamine, which is a substance produced by the body as part of its natural defences..

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